Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

Beyond good taste and clarity, ensuring your drinking water is safe goes beyond simple sensory cues. To establish a comprehensive baseline, Rolfes Water recommends a full or abbreviated SANS241 test. This thorough examination analyses both the water’s chemical composition for potential contaminants like nitrates or lead, and its microbiological presence for harmful bacteria or pathogens. Regular Potability Tests, tailored to your specific water source and location, then monitor for any changes that might compromise quality over time. Remember, proactive testing is key to preventing waterborne illnesses and safeguarding your health.

Legionnaires’ Disease, a serious lung infection caused by Legionella bacteria, lurks in warm, stagnant water and spreads through aerosolised droplets. High-risk areas include shower heads, fountains, and cooling towers. Rolfes Water recommends quarterly testing for most cooling towers, but frequency increases with vulnerable populations present. Early detection through our comprehensive Legionella testing program safeguards your building and occupants.

Absolutely! After establishing baseline water quality with a SANS241 test, Rolfes Water suggests quarterly Potability Tests until consistent results are achieved. Once stability is confirmed, annual testing usually suffices. Regular monitoring protects your health and ensures optimal water quality for drinking and household use.

Silt buildup in Cooling Towers is a common concern, as these “atmospheric vacuums” readily draw in debris. While occasional cleaning is expected, excessive silt accumulation reduces efficiency and poses corrosion risks. Rolfes Water offers efficient basin cleaning and specialised Dispersant chemicals to prevent future buildup and maintain optimal cooling performance.

Yes! Decreased efficiency often stems from scale, deposits, or fouling within the tubes. Our qualified technicians utilise Rolfes Water’s specialised cleaning chemicals to flush and restore thermal efficiency. We also offer comprehensive treatment programs to prevent future fouling and maintain peak performance.

Deposits on Drift Eliminators, exposed to constant spray and harsh sunlight, can significantly decrease cooling efficiency. Rolfes Water analyses your water chemistry and utilises sophisticated computer modelling to develop the optimal treatment program, ensuring maximum evaporation and preventing deposit buildup.

Just like humans, bacteria can develop resistance to biocides over time. To maintain superior biological control, Rolfes Water recommends alternating Oxidising and Non-Oxidising biocides, and even variations within each type. Our comprehensive biocide programs ensure your Cooling Tower stays protected from harmful bacteria.

Yes! Our innovative Boilergard 8000 range features a built-in online cleaning function. This gentle yet effective system gradually cleans your boiler internals, preventing sludge buildup and ensuring optimal performance without downtime. Say goodbye to costly shutdowns and hello to efficient boiler operation.

Absolutely! Rolfes Water offers a unique, all-organic dispersant specifically designed for this issue. Unlike traditional options requiring system shutdown, our dispersant effectively removes oil contamination while keeping your system fully operational. Maintain uninterrupted operation and protect your valuable equipment with Rolfes Water’s reliable solutions.

Rolfes Water can help! Our on-site specialists analyse the type of deposit and recommend the best program to eliminate future buildup. Our specialised scale, corrosion, and microbiological control products work in synergy to keep your Heat Exchanger/Chiller tubes clean and operating at peak efficiency.

Rolfes Water understands your concerns. We offer comprehensive water sampling and testing for Cholera, followed by effective chemical or physical treatment options to eradicate any present threat. Protect your health and peace of mind with Rolfes Water’s proactive approach to waterborne pathogen control.